When a park is created, so too is a community’s image. These spaces become destinations, landmarks, and visual calling cards for years to come. Successful park development addresses many considerations to create a functional and inviting locale that gives communities a place to relax, play, make memories, and take pride in.


Each site calls out for its own shapes, colors, and design. Park structures can be designed to follow along with surrounding architecture, or lead the way with a bold direction of their own. Examples of both aesthetics can be seen in our catalog. As you browse through it, we hope it assists you in creating the ideal park setting for your community.


Just as each site is distinctive, there are no ‘stock’ buildings at Poligon. Each building is made one-at-a-time to customer requirements. Customers select shapes, colors, ornamentation, roofing and special features. Computerized and automated manufacturing techniques speed this process up, while keeping the price down.


Since 1964, Porter Corp have been committed to providing a better way to create individually-tailored parks that communities can be proud of. For today and for future generations, we do our best to make you proud to not just have a ‘park shelter', but to have chosen a Poligon.