Ironsmith cast products are made from 100% post consumer recycled metals mostly from scrap vehicle parts and are 100% recyclable.


Steel products are produced from standard structural steel shapes from leading steel producers which typically use 75% recycled metal (by L.E.E.D calculation %Post-consumer +1/2 % post industrial). Steel is 100% recyclable.


Ironsmith has been making tree grates, trench grates and bollards under the IRONSMITH banner for over thirty years. In 1984 IRONSMITH was the first tree grate manufacturer to produce a 1/4" slot opening width tree grate. IRONSMITH developed the Starburst Series 1 and Series 2 in response to requests from Las Vegas hotels for a grate that would not trap ladies spike high heel shoes. Five years later the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed and IRONSMITH removed all grates with slots over 1/2" from our product line to promote improved safety for all pedestrians.



Suspended pavement system

allows installation of unit pavers over a tree planting area


This patented system:

•Opens tight pedestrian walk areas

•Greatly reduces weeds and trash accumulation

•Cuts down on tree maintenance

•Keeps root ball from compaction

•Almost invisible in place

•Keeps roots from lifting the pavers